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As advocates for the people, we have ably defended individuals against all types of criminal charges in Ontario. We operate on the principle that the law, in all its aspects, exists to serve and protect the individual, not the state. For almost fifty years, our Ottawa criminal lawyers have been upholding the rights of members of our community. With broad and deep experience in criminal law, quasi-criminal law, and professional regulatory proceedings, our lawyers share company as among the best criminal lawyers in Ottawa. Our firm has appeared before all levels of the Ontario and Federal Courts, including the Supreme Court of Canada. In addition, we have acted in several of the most sensitive investigative inquiries in recent Canadian history.

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Areas of Practice

Criminal Defence

Criminal Defense work is the primary forum in which these rights are enforced and have always represented our clients in a manner which puts them on an equal footing with the power of governmental prosecution.

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Are you eligible for a record suspension? Our experienced Ottawa criminal lawyers can help you with process of having your criminal record cleared.

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Aboriginal Offenders

The criminal code requires that particular circumstances of Aboriginal offenders be taken into account at sentencing. Our goal is to help our Aboriginal clients obtain just sanctions which are responsive to the charges, but more importantly the personal and family history of abuse, poverty or other extenuating circumstances.

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Ottawa Criminal Lawyers

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