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Navigating the criminal justice system can be a nerve-wracking ordeal and being arrested and charged with a crime may be the worst day of your life but it doesn’t need to define the rest of your life.  Our expert team of lawyers will stand by your side through all stages of the process, from investigation to appeal. For the past fifty years, we’ve helped our clients through every type of criminal charge in Ontario under the Criminal Code, the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, and other related legislation. We have also represented individuals and businesses in regulatory investigations and prosecutions, from the Ontario Highway Traffic Act to the Canadian Lobbying Act.


Based in Ottawa, Ontario, our criminal defence lawyers work diligently to ensure that our clients obtain favourable results at the bail stage, through guilty pleas and sentencing, in judge-alone or judge-and-jury trials, and on appeal.


No one should deal with the criminal justice system without proper representation and protection. If you or someone you know is facing charges, please contact us for a free consultation.


Protect your rights and freedom with an experienced criminal defence lawyer

Our Criminal Defence Services

Bail - Criminal Lawyer


Our Ottawa based criminal defence and bail lawyers have experience with virtually every type of bail hearing from the initial appearance before the Justice of the Peace to multiple-day hearings for the most serious charges


Ottawa Based Trail Lawyers


We have what it takes to defend any criminal charge. Our criminal defence lawyers are armed with decades of experience, courtroom skills and drive to represent you and help you understand your rights and options at each stage


Weapons / Firearms

Weapons / Firearms

Our defence lawyers are available to consult with anyone that is interested in obtaining weapons or firearms legally while also advising and representing people being investigated or charged with weapons or firearms offences


Aboriginal Defendant Lawyer

Aboriginal Defendants

Our goal is to help our Aboriginal defendants obtain just sentences which are responsive to the charges, but more importantly, out Aboriginal client’s personal and family history of abuse, poverty or other extenuating circumstances


Ottawa Driving Offences

Driving Offences

Based in Ottawa, our experienced defence lawyers will defend your rights and help you get the best possible result for your impaired driving case including the more serious offences resulting in bodily harm or causing death


Sexual Offence Defence Lawyers

Sexual Offences

Our defence lawyers have the experience to help our clients fight these charges, from investigation to trial. We can assist with minimizing the damage to reputation at the forefront and with obtaining acquittals or fair sentences



Results and Testimonials

Our Ottawa criminal lawyers work closely with clients in order to help them navigate the justice system and to obtain positive results, whether through negotiation, at trial, or on appeal.


“Excellent and progressive team of criminal lawyers in Ottawa, forward thinking and not forgetting that a strong society is based on protecting the rights of its individuals… highly recommended!”


Frequently Asked Questions

Should I try to dispute a charge on my own?

No. Self-representation can create more problems than there needs to be, even if you’re experienced in criminal law. Evidence can easily be overlooked, assembling a case on your own is a massive undertaking that requires plenty of time and dedication, and you risk missing out on critical elements that could otherwise improve your prospects. Safeguarding your freedom and rights is crucial, and the only way to ensure an optimal, well-researched approach is to consult an experienced criminal lawyer in Ottawa.

Am I entitled to a lawyer?

Absolutely. Regardless of your charge, you have the right to seek legal counsel from a criminal defence lawyer. We highly recommend that you exercise this right so they can help you strengthen your case. Whether you’re in need of attentive, well-informed guidance in preparation for a bail hearing, trial or otherwise, they can improve the outlook of the situation at hand.

How exactly can a criminal defence lawyer help me?

Seeking out and working with the right lawyer ensures you can build a compelling argument against the charges laid. They are especially helpful at collecting and analyzing evidence, planning cases based on years of real-world practice, and thoroughly organizing your side of the story. Also, in court proceedings where a judge and jury deliver a verdict, a good lawyer will be able to present and articulate critical details clearly, professionally, and in a well-informed manner. They will lean into their expertise in various areas of practice, previous cases, and other elements to strengthen the argument further. This is essential, as the lawyer needs to convince those presiding over the proceedings of your position.

What if I know that I’m guilty?

Everyone makes mistakes. If you indeed are at fault in some capacity, however, an experienced criminal defence lawyer can potentially reduce the stress associated with your guilt. For instance, it’s possible that we can help you reduce your sentence or even avoid prison time, and entering a guilty plea indicates to the presiding judge that you accept responsibility for your actions. As a result, the sentencing could be lessened. This depends on multiple factors including the severity of the crime, the amount of evidence stacked against you, and how strong your own argument to contest or minimize the charges is. We’re here to help with all of this and more, so don’t hesitate to contact us for representation.


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