A Reputation for Positive Results

Possession and distribution of child pornography

When he was a teenager, our client began accessing, downloading, and eventually sharing child pornography images and videos. Tips from another country led a Canadian police force to begin monitoring an online chatroom that our client had been using. Investigators identified our client’s Internet Protocol


Attempt to destroy evidence

Our client and her partner were hanging out with another couple at a residence in downtown Ottawa. The other couple conspired together to lure the victim to the residence because they thought he had "snitched" on their gang. When this other man arrived, he was attacked by


Accessing child pornography

Our client attended a workplace barbeque. Two of his co-workers, neither of whom liked our client, also attended the barbecue. The co-workers told their boss that while our client was showing them pictures of his ex-girlfriend, a video of child pornography “popped up” on his phone and